Fazenda & Birmingham Museums Trust Partnership

Over the past year and a half, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed immersing ourselves into the communities of Birmingham, Fazendeiros!

We have always strived to understand as much as we can about each of the cities that we move into, and getting to know Birmingham has been, and still is, a fascinating process.

We believe that opening a new restaurant is not only about bringing the ultimate rodizio experience to those who reside there but see it as an opportunity to engage with them. It is the perfect way for us to celebrate the local culture, art, and history of each place.

View of the beautiful Birmingham Museum building

Why we decided to partner with Birmingham Museums Trust

During our first year in Birmingham, as we started to meet our neighbours and build new relationships, we were fascinated by its history and heritage, told so very well through various narrators, such as the Birmingham Museums Trust.

With nine extraordinary venues, the Birmingham Museums Trust offers a captivating glimpse into Birmingham’s rich and vibrant past. With a passion for storytelling and the celebration of one’s roots and the arts, we instantly knew that we wanted to partner with such an incredible organisation.

Their ethos, ‘to reflect Birmingham to the world, and the world to Birmingham’ resonates strongly with us, as we consider our mission to share a piece of our South-American traditions far and wide!

Visitors can choose amongst countless exhibitions and events across all their venues

Celebrating with you, Fazendeiros

To celebrate the launch of our partnership, we are running a competition whereby one lucky winner will receive a joint adult membership offering a host of benefits and will also enjoy a meal for two at Fazenda Birmingham.

You can learn more about this exciting competition and enter here.

Explore what’s on at Birmingham Museums and don’t forget to follow them on their social media channels: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Alternatively, you can explore what’s on at Birmingham museums here.