Fazenda and Action Against Hunger

On Monday 8th of August Fazenda Leeds invites you to join us for a special night to raise funds for Action Against Hunger.
At Fazenda we know how lucky we all are to have had the opportunity to have food, education and a home when we were children, however there are many children who do not share the same luck.

Thanks to the amazing work Action Against Hunger does many children have the chance to have some of these basic needs covered.

We love food, and we serve food, and this is the chance for all of us to help Action Against Hunger provide for these children.

Fazenda will be swapping its team around for one night only where the back of house team, the people that our loyal customers don’t get to see but whose work is so essential, will be taking on the huge challenge of working in the front of house, and the front of house team will be facing the hard work of running the many times disregarded back of house!

In an event we hope will bring some of the fun aspect of what a restaurant is all about, we appeal to our guests’ deepest compassion to raise money for this cause.

During this special event our food menu will have a special price of £24.90 per person instead of our usual £29.50. If our guests wish to pay more as an added donation they will be welcome to do so *

Fazenda will be donating all takings of the event to Action Against Hunger.

If you would like to join us for this special event you can book your table between 7 and 8:30pm (or ring us on 0113 400 1183).




*Please note that drinks and desserts will be charged at full normal menu price and are not included on the price mentioned before.