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A Fazenda Experience for all Ages - Fazenda Bishopsgate

Nestled in the heart of London's bustling Square Mile, just steps away from the vibrant Liverpool Street, lies a dining destination that has captured the admiration of families from near and far. Our Bishopsgate restaurant offers a unique dining experience that transcends mere sustenance, weaving together flavours, traditions, and an ambience that delights guests of every age.

From the moment you step through our doors, the inviting atmosphere envelops you. The warm tones, soft lighting, and gentle murmur of conversation create an inviting backdrop for families to gather and connect over a shared love of exceptional cuisine. It is our Rodizio Experience that truly sets Fazenda Bishopsgate apart as a family-friendly destination. The concept of rodizio lies in the roots of creating wonderful shared memories, as skilled passadores serve a continuous array of succulent meats, all carved tableside. This interactive experience is a delight for children, who revel in the anticipation of each new arrival.

Perhaps the greatest testament to Fazenda Bishopsgate's family-friendly appeal lies in the sheer variety of dishes. With a mouthwatering selection of rodizio meats, from tender Picanha (cap of rump) to Sobrecoxa de Frango (chicken thighs), even the most discerning young palates will find something to savour. Alongside this, our expansive Market Table provides guests with further delicious offerings, catering to diverse tastes and dietary preferences. This abundance of choice ensures that every family member can embark on a gastronomic adventure tailored to their unique liking.

Our commitment to family dining extends beyond the rodizio concept. Meticulously crafted to delight young ones, our Children's Menu features irresistible sides like warm, cheese bread - a delightful creation tailored exclusively for our youngest diners. Concluding the meal on an equally delectable note, our specially curated selection of decadent ice creams and refreshing sorbets - their choice, of course! As their meal draws to a close, our young guests are presented with a delightful memento – a "My First Rodizio" certificate, a fun and cherished keepsake that commemorates their first visit.

For parents seeking an inclusive restaurant rendezvous, we also extend a thoughtful offering. Children under 8 years dine from our Children's Menu completely complimentary, while the menu for our young diners, aged 8-14, is £15.

In a city teeming with dining options, Fazenda Bishopsgate stands apart as a destination where families can gather, indulge, and create lasting memories. With its vibrant ambience, interactive dining experience, and commitment to catering to all ages, our London restaurant has truly mastered the art of family-friendly hospitality.

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Children's Menu - Fazenda Bishopsgate