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Our Roots

Fazenda Bishopsgate - Fusing Tradition with Innovation

We are indeed counting down the weeks and days until we’re able to welcome you all in our first restaurant in the capital, Fazendeiros.

At Fazenda Bishopsgate our aim is to deliver a rodizio dining experience like no other. By combining our Pampas heritage with delicate cooking, innovation, and creativity, we wish to take the Fazenda Experience to another level.

Our menu is crafted inspired by the flavours, aromas, and techniques of the Pampas of Argentina and Brazil. We take these traditional elements and infuse them with our own touch and identity.

We pride ourselves on offering a unique fusion of tradition and innovation that showcases the best of both worlds. Our menu will feature sharing plates, rodizio meats, exquisite à la carte dishes and more, all designed to give you an unforgettable culinary experience.

At the heart of our original concept lie our rodizio meats. These will be accompanied by a selection of delectable side dishes and also our Market Table. The choice then expands to small plates like our Wagyu Crudo, which features Wagyu steak tartare and Wagyu cecina, a sharing menu, as well as exquisite à la carte dishes like our Asado, a succulent beef rib slow cooked on the bone. For those guests who wish to delight in rodizio meats but have a little less time our Menú Ejecutivo will be the ideal choice.

Just like at our existing restaurants, Fazenda Bishopsgate will be the place where we welcome our guests to our home to delight their senses and enjoy a memorable experience they will cherish and wish to repeat.

Our restaurant is located at 100 Bishopsgate and we are delighted to announce it will open its doors on Wednesday 2nd August 2023, with reservations going live on Tuesday 4th July. We look forward to welcoming you all Fazendeiros!

Waguy Tartare and Cecina