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In celebration of both World Bartender Day and Hospitality Appreciation Day, we asked the Bar Managers from each of our restaurants some questions to celebrate all things bartending.

From Fazenda Leeds - Callan

What is your personal favourite cocktail or drink, either on or off our menu? And what makes that drink special for you?

My personal favourite cocktail has to be the classic Margarita! This refreshing drink is my ideal combination of tart, sweet, and salty flavours. I love the bright, citrusy taste of fresh lime juice mixed with orange liqueur and tequila. The sweetness of the orange liqueur balances out the tartness from the lime, while the 100% agave tequila provides its signature flavour. A salted rim adds the perfect contrast and really makes this drink unique.

The reason why the Margarita is so special for me is that when I am sipping this ice-cold cocktail, I am instantly transported to a sunny beach! There's nothing better than enjoying a Margarita while relaxing in the sun. I'm also a big fan of our unique spicy Margarita (Spicy Affair), which really puts a new twist on this classic. Our Spicy Affair cocktail contains chilli-infused tequila for a hint of heat, alongside a sugar and tangy sumac rim. The addition of our Fazenda IPA on top adds a crisp, hoppy contrast to the spices. All the components meld together beautifully, with the same refreshing taste as a classic Margarita, with an extra kick of spice. Both are fantastic cocktails that I would highly recommend!

From Fazenda Liverpool - Ant

What is the most inspiring or memorable place you've visited with standout drinks/drinks menu?

The most inspiring bar I’ve been to is Berry& Rye, located in Liverpool just off Berry Street, and is always the first place I recommend to guests. This was one of the first cocktail bars I went to when I started bartending 10 years ago, a prohibition-style bar specializing in whiskey, gin, and live blues/jazz. Every city has one of these now.

Their quality and speed of service have always been outstanding, and their drink quality is the best in the city. In the past, the menu has been split into seven parts, including Bright & Floral, Herbal & Savoury, and Sparkling Cocktails. Drinks included the El Senador, made using Gran Patron Burdeos, Cocchi Americano, Grand Marnier 1880, Cuvee, grenadine, and orange bitters. Alternatively, you can also play it safe with the classics, including potentially the best Irish coffee and Old Fashioned you’ll ever have. This bar has had a huge influence on me, and has given me a high standard that I aim to achieve within my own role.

From Fazenda Manchester - Bernado

Which cocktail or drink do you think represents your Bar Team and why?

I think the cocktail that best represents the Manchester Bar Team is the classic "El Diablo". This complex tequila-based cocktail has both sweet and tart with a subtle kick, each of its components representing something important about our Bar Team. Lime juice balances the cocktail and depicts the unity of our Team whilst ginger beer gives the cocktail a spicy warmth warm, perfectly representing our Team's strong sense of individuality. Crème de Cassis is the final ingredient of the cocktail, and brings a refreshing sweetness to the refreshment, showcasing the sweet and kind heartedness of each member. This cocktail stands out to me, as it is part of the Schofield's cocktail list, which has won UK Bar of the Year two years consecutively and is one our Team's favourite places for drinks elsewhere in the city.

From Fazenda Edinburgh - Tiago

If you could invite any 3 people to join you at the bar for a drink, who would they be and why, and what would you serve them?

Dave Arnold: The real bar Scientist and author of Liquid Intelligence, the bar book that changed my perspective on the "why" behind everything we do. I would definitely like to serve him our Curious Old Fashioned, our take on the Classic Benton's Old Fashioned, that uses a fat washing technique. There's a booze washing chapter in his book, and I'm sure Dave would love to try our approach to it.

Simone Caporale: He revolutionised the industry, with his experimentation-led bar, awarding him and his team Best Cocktail Bar in the World. It would be a privilege to catch up with someone as dedicated as him, to ask about the creative process behind curating full sensorial experiences. I would serve him something modern and out of the box: my Evolution of Caipirinha Experience. This experience features miniatures of a Classic Caipirinha, an Invisible Caipirinha, and a Molecular Caipirinha, all served in a cocktail board. Tied to our core concept of South America at Fazenda, it is equally interactive as it is impressive.

My Grandparents: A lot of my drink inspiration comes from them and my childhood, such as the spices my Grandmother used in desserts, and the traditional Portuguese liqueurs from my Grandfather's drinks cabinet. I would serve them Ginjinha's Superstition, a take on a classic Manhattan that replaces Sweet Vermouth for Ginjinha (a very famous traditional Portuguese Cherry Liqueur). While watching a football match, if our team were losing, my Grandad would superstitiously pick the Ginjinha bottle out of the shelf, have a few sips, and our team would always win the match in the end! I would love to serve them something that truly represents the inspiration they have given me, and this is the perfect drink.

From Fazenda Birmingham - Davide

What advice would you give to someone just starting to learn bartending fundamentals?

Be passionate!
Learning what is required is simply a consequence of being passionate, which is the genuine prerequisite. You can't just 'do' a bartender job; you need to 'be' a bartender if you want to succeed.

Be curious!
This is not just about mixing some ingredients; the history of alcoholic beverages is deeply connected with human history itself. Bartending is people, geography, history, art and science, so don't be afraid to experiment, innovate, and create your own unique cocktails. Stay curious about new ingredients, techniques, and trends in the industry.

Develop your palate!
Train your palate to distinguish between different spirits, liqueurs, mixers and wines.

Master drinks recipes!
Start by learning classic cocktail recipes and the story behind them, such as the Martini, Old Fashioned, Negroni, Margarita, and Manhattan.

From Fazenda Bishopsgate - Michela

In your opinion, what is one ingredient behind the bar that is underestimated or underutilised? And how do you like to use it in your drink creations?

In Bishopsgate’s newly branded bar, Fino, cocktails are mostly under the spotlight, but perhaps one of the most underestimated and underutilised cocktail ingredient is… wine!

Our Team have are been experimenting with a true variety of different wines, from dessert wines to dry ones, across fortified ones like sherries and ports. Wine as an ingredient adds depth and complexity, thanks to its intricate flavours, acidity, and aromas. It can enhance the overall profile of a cocktail by providing layers of flavour that other spirits or mixers are not always able to offer.

We use wine both as a self-standing ingredient or as the base for a cordial or syrup. An example of how we use this ingredient in our current signature menu is the “Red Wino”: a short, aromatic, tequila-based drink that features strawberry infused Don David Malbec. The dry red wine in this case gives a unique depth and marries beautifully with the cooked strawberry flavour. We are already experimenting with a Sauvignon Blanc cordial for our imminent next menu, so delicious and aromatic!

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