Five Must-Try Argentinian Dishes From Our Menu

Argentina, home to many of our traditions, encompasses vast plains of Pampas plains, Andes mountains, and more. Fundamentally, what connects South America's second largest country is its community's unwavering desire to share food and memories together.

At Fazenda, we delicately integrate both Brazilian and Argentinian culture and cuisine into our guests' experience. Providing them with our signature touch, we have curated a beautiful fusion between modernity and the important traditions of asados. Their communal dining experience is at the core of Fazenda, bringing the Pampas to the UK, through our carefully crafted dishes.

Here we'll share five of our favourites that celebrate our Argentinian roots- with our own Fazenda touch - exploring the many flavours of this vibrant country.

Huevos Fritos

A hearty staple of Argentina, Huevos Fritos uses fresh eggs, fried gently in olive oil. The runny-yolk eggs are then carefully laid upon a velvety blanket of seasonal vegetables. The unrivalled combination of tomatoes, onions and peppers, warms the senses, through its aromatic and wistful taste of Argentina. The fried egg acts as the perfect complement, adding a luscious creaminess to balance the savoury flavours. Its delightful simplicity allows it to become a canvas that pairs flawlessly with all of our Rodizio meats.

Empanadas de Wagyu

This dish is set to transport you to a leisurely Sunday asado, enjoying the company of family and friends.

Premium wagyu beef is slow braised and then introduced to sautéed onions, fresh oregano, paprika, and just a touch of chilli pepper for warmth. Each flavour marries together seamlessly inside of a decadent, golden pastry crust.

With each bite through the flaky exterior, you'll discover rich, savoury beef that pulls apart with ease. The paprika adds a subtle smoky aroma, while the oregano provides an earthy backbone. Our Empanadas de Wagyu represent authentic Argentinian comfort food at its finest.


This heart-warming, baked cheese dish encapsulates the comforting and crowd-pleasing flavours of Argentinian cuisine. Melting Provolone is drizzled with chimichurri, allowing the tangy parsley sauce to infuse into the softening cheese. It emerges from the oven as a warm blanket of delight with a crisp edge and herby kick. The sturdy exterior of a torn freshly baked baguette is then dipped into the silky texture of the thick Provolone cheese.

In creating this dish, we imagined loved ones gathered around the table, laughing together over simmering baked cheese. This dish represents the connections we build, forged through food and tradition. Provoleta knows how to warm the soul as much as the palette. We invite you to gather around our table and connect over this quintessential Argentinian comfort food.

Salmón Criollo

Indulge in the distinctive flavours of Salmón Criollo. As the fresh salmon fillet cooks, garlic and oregano infuse the salmon with their aromatic essence. The fish emerges blanketed in flaky, golden skin, revealing the tender salmon inside. The red peppers and fried egg take us to that classic combination we love so much in an asado, with the chimichurri being the detail to top this dish off.

Salmón Criollo pairs really well with a glass of Humberto Canale Estate, an elegant and delicate Pinot Noir. With scents of smokey, candied fruit, the Pinot Noir compliments the strong flavours of the dish perfectly.

Tonnato Vitello

Experience the fusion of Argentinian and Italian culinary cultures as we present a South American twist on the classic Vitel Toné. In our small plates dish, Tonnato Vitello, we aim to surprise. Flipping the traditions of the dish, yellowfin tuna is enveloped in an indulgent beef cream emulsion.

Thin slices of delicate tuna fillet are seared to perfection, radiating a subtle sweetness accentuated by the gentle char. Layered over crisp greens and radishes, for added freshness and crunch, it is finally topped with the lavishly meaty emulsion. This small plate aims to give a creative spin to the classic dish. It exemplifies our commitment to honouring tradition while infusing each dish with the Fazenda touch, curating another exclusive taste experience that we're sure you'll love, Fazendeiros.

Whether you've had the pleasure of tasting these dishes before, or want to try them with us soon, we would love to hear your thoughts on them on our socials. Join in the conversation about your favourite Fazenda delicacies on Threads

Empanadas de Wagyu, a taste of Argentina

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