Our Sashi Choco Steaks: World Champions

At Fazenda we pride ourselves on serving the most exquisite menu items, our prime cuts of meat being no exception. Our exclusive Sashi Choco Steaks represent the gold standard - literally. Produced by master meat sommelier John Sashi Nielson, these steaks have been crowned one of the ‘World's Best Grass-Fed Steaks’ four times by the prestigious World Steak Challenge. Competing against over 200 steaks from 21 countries, Sashi Choco Steaks were crowned gold consistently for the beef's intricate marbling and subtle yet irresistible cocoa flavours.

Meaning “marbling” in Japanese, ‘Sashi’ encapsulates how integral the steak’s intricate distribution of its fat is to the meat. Hand-selected from small family farms in Finland's pristine landscapes, each steak’s unparalleled flavour and tenderness begins with the cattle’s special diet. Specifically bred and grazing in pristine Nordic nature full of lakes and green pastures, the Frisona and Ayrshire cattle are meticulously nourished with cocoa beans, imparting a darker colour and bestowing sweet notes to the steak’s taste. The rich marbling and uniquely subtle chocolate undertones make every bite truly irresistible. Combining this fully natural environment with incredible butchering expertise, the resulting Sashi Choco Steaks offer a tasting experience unlike any other.

At our Bishopsgate restaurant, and exclusive to Fazenda, we offer two cuts of these renowned hand-selected steaks. Our tenderloin cut, Fillet Steak, melts in your mouth, with a hint of sweetness accenting its buttery smoothness. Finally, our Bife Ancho ribeye enchants with its perfect marbling, alongside rich flavour and texture, taken from its distinctive cocoa infusion.

Our hand-selected Sashi Choco Steaks showcase exotic cocoa-fed marbling, revealing truly mouth-watering flavour contrasts. These exclusive artisan steaks redefine expectations with their unrivalled richness and intrigue. For the ultimate indulgence, we invite you to join us and discover first-hand their mastery - an elevated tasting experience of a true gourmet delicacy.

Sashi Choco Ribeye

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