Wine Gems of Mendoza

Mendoza – Argentina

In this week’s blog, we’re introducing you to the incredible Mendoza, a province from our roots and Argentinian homeland.

About the region

Mendoza 1

Mendoza, Argentina (Image credit: Lonely Planet)

Mendoza is located in the western central part of Argentina in the Cuyo region; being the seventh biggest province of Argentina. Positioned in a large Andes rain-shadow, this gorgeous region is considered to be hot and dry, with very rocky and sandy soils. Mendoza only receives 200 millimetres of rainfall per year! The average temperature is 18 degrees celsius, with days being hot and evenings being relatively cool.

Mendoza City is the main hub of activity. Tourists often stay here due to its relaxed vibe, venturing out to the nearby wineries and vineyards through the day. Wherever you go, you’ll find yourself surrounded with the incredible backdrop of the towering Andes mountain range. Of course, there’s always time for an Asado after a long day of wine tasting – another meaty Argentinian tradition.

Mendoza’s Fine Wine

Mendoza 2

Vineyards of Mendoza (Image credit: Decanter)

It’s the most reputable wine region in Argentina, accounting for nearly two-thirds of the country’s entire wine production. There are more than a staggering 1,500 wineries across the whole of Mendoza!

The vineyards here are planted in some of the highest altitudes in the world; in the foothills of the Andes. Some of the highest altitude vineyards are 1,100 metres above sea-level.

The pink-skinned grapes of Criolla Grande and Cereza account for over a quarter of the whole region’s plantings, but Malbec is the most important and most popular of the area. This is closely followed by Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Chardonnay.

Some of our favourites from the region include: Achaval FerrerCatena Zapata, Trapiche, Familia Zucchardi, Susana Balbo and Terrazas. And some gems for you to look into, Fazendeiros: Viña Cobos, Mauricio Lorca, Chacra, Angulo Innocenti, Yacochuya, and Benegas.

Terrazas de los Andes

Terrazas Malbec

One of our favourite wineries from this region is Terrazas. Their vineyards are located right in the heart of Mendoza’s Luján and Uce Valley. They produce Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay in Mendoza alone; they have quite the selection for such a unique winery. 

We can never resist a Terrazas Malbec. Deep, dark purple-red in colour, it has an extremely fruity aroma. Black cherries, prunes and raisins combine with caramel and toasted notes combine to create a very complex nose. Violet hints pop out; typical of a Malbec. It’s a very powerful wine; great in body, structure and volume. Its round and ripe tannins provide a soft and young character that display great ageing potential.

Have you tried any of the great wines from this region, Fazendeiros? Do you have any questions for our own wine lovers here at Fazenda? We’d love to hear your thoughts and stories in the comments below!