Taste of the Month: Oh! Refresco

Cocktail – Oh! Refresco

Our last blog post talked about places that we considered to be hidden gems of Brazil. Keeping with the theme of Brazilian gems, we’re talking about this May special for our spring/summer cocktail menu: Oh! Refresco.

Using cachaça as the key ingredient, this refreshing cocktail is the perfect summer drink. Cachaça, which is known as Brazil’s national spirit is made from sugar cane and can be drank neat, or in a cocktail just like ours! We chose Ypioca Ouro (Ouro meaning gold), which is slightly spicier than usual cachaça due to its two to three-year aging process in barrels.

Inspired by the world reknowned popular Caiprinha cocktail, our drinks development team wanted to create something similar, though more fruity in flavour. Here’s where the apple and melon (Midori) flavours come in.

We love it so much that we had to share the recipe with you, Fazendeiros.

Oh! Refresco


37.5ml Ypioca Gold

12.5ml Midori

25ml Mint gomme (here at Fazenda we infuse our own gomme for a more intense flavour)

25ml Apple juice

12.5ml Fresh lime juice



  1. Add all of the ingredients and a few cubes of ice into the shaker and close the shaker securely
  2. Gently shake for around 10 seconds and pour through a strainer
  3. Strain one more time to ensure a smooth pour
  4. Garnish with a lime wheel and an edible flower and serve in a coupe glass if you have one


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