Talking about Wine: Susana Balbo Brioso

Brioso: The Ultimate Blend

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Susana Balbo, Brioso at Fazenda

Awarded ‘Most Influential Woman Winemaker’ in 2012 and ‘Woman of the Year’ more recently in 2015, Susana Balbo leads the way in the world of viticulture and enology, championing the female winemaker and paving the way for aspiring females.

Growing up, Susana was extremely passionate about nuclear physics. However, her fate lay within the path of her viticulturist parents and she followed in their footsteps, becoming the first woman to graduate in Enology, in 1981.

Having been appointed as President of Wines of Argentina an impressive three times, Balbo’s deep rooted passion for wine continues to grow, along with her international reputation as an incredible and innovative winemaker.

Just like Susana, their portfolio of wines are equally as reputable. We talked to our Wine List Creator, Chris Milner, about his enamour for the Susana Balbo Brioso blend…

‘There’s so much more to Argentina than just Malbec’

‘We don’t need to tell everybody about Malbec anymore, everybody knows. But there’s so much more to Argentina than just Malbec.

This charming blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot varieties is hand harvested in Agrelo. The extended maceration process, which lasts for 35 days means the grape skins and juices produce a wine of a ruby red nature.

Fifteen months of aging in new French oak makes the wine very powerful, complimenting the flavours of blueberry and blackcurrant with notes of vanilla and toast.’

Pairing Brioso with food

‘Of course, we can think of nothing better to pair with this gem of a wine other than our meats! This wine needs something to stand up to the intensity and powerful flavours. A lot of people naturally go for fillet, however I would personally prefer to pair this wine with skirt steak. The juiciness and prominent meaty flavours are truly outstanding.’ 

What do you usually pair Malbec with? Have you tried this blend before? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below, Fazendeiros.