Talking about Wine: Catena Malbec Appellation Vista Flores

From the mountains of Mendoza

Last week on our blog our Sales & Marketing Director Tomás introduced us to the traditional Argentinian barbecue: the asado. Whilst the weather may have taken a slight turn, we’re remaining optimistic and exploring Tomas’ favourite tipple to indulge in when enjoying an aside – Catena.

‘There isn’t an asado if there isn’t wine involved’



Tomás insists that an equally important ingredient for the perfect asado experience is a top quality wine. When we asked him about his preferences, there was no hesitation.

‘Catena Malbec Appellation Vista Flores. This wine is incredible and the flavour profile of the rump matches well with the smoothness of the wine. The floral notes of this wine, with the violet, chocolate and tobacco notes are simply stunning.’

‘The red fruits; its peppery spice; the tannins and acidity – this wine is the perfect pour for those rare to medium rare meats on the asado’

About Bodega Catena Zapata

Catena 1

Bodega Catena Zapata (Image credit: El Pais)

‘We have a great relationship with the guys over at Catena’, say Tomás. ‘We’ve visited the vineyards numerous times. We’ve even spoken about working on our own blend, a signature Fazenda blend – watch this space. We like the way they work. It’s a family owned business, and they’ve a lot of integrity and passion in what they do. ‘

Vista Flores is an area in Mendoza renowned for its Malbec and home to one of the vineyards of producer Bodega Catena Zapata. Producing wine since 1902, Bodega Catena Zapata led Argentina’s Malbec revolution and is still to this day one of the most reputable producers in the region. More than just winemakers, the Catena Institute paves the way in research and innovation.

Catena Malbec Appellation Vista Flores

Catena 2

A gem from Mendoza

Located 1100m above sea level, the Vista Flores vineyards loamy soil consists of about 80% sand, 10% clay and 10% silt. Its high altitude makes for cool evening temperatures and for every 100m increase in altitude, the temperature drops by 1C.

100% Malbec, the intense flavours result from the thorough vinification process. Macerated at 50F (10C) over five days before a 16 day period of fermentation, the wine returns to the maceration process for another 10 days. Finally, this exquisite malbec is aged for 12 months in oakbarrels.

Have you tried Vista Flores Appellation Malbec at one of our restaurants, Fazendeiros? We’d love to hear your thoughts about the wine!