Shrove Tuesday with Hospitality Action

Happy Shrove Tuesday, Fazendeiros!

Even though meat holds a special place in our hearts, we never shy away from a good sweet treat (you might be able to tell from our Menu). Our excitement this week is indeed heightened as we celebrate what is normally known as ‘Pancake Day’ with a very special dessert.

Our South American take on Shrove Tuesday pancake.
Our South American take on Shrove Tuesday pancake

What is ‘Shrove Tuesday’ (or ‘Pancake Day’)?

Very often, traditions have a religious origin and, in this case, we have to go back to Easter.

The forty days preceding Easter Sunday are known as Lent in Christian tradition, and they remember the days of fast Jesus did in the desert. To commemorate it, Christians used to (and some still do) abstain from meat, fat, milk and eggs during this period. The days prior to this, known as ‘Shrovetide’ were for everyone to indulge and use up all these goods in preparation for it.

Pancakes were for many the best way to get rid of most of these ingredients all at once, and that’s how it all began. This tradition has also given birth to many other cultural events, such as the ‘Pancake Races’, which take place across the UK. For this event, women wear an apron and have to flip their pancakes in the pan three times before arriving at the local church. The first one to successfully do this wins!

Making pancakes, helping others…

Here at Fazenda we see this as the perfect opportunity to not only provide our guests with deliciously indulgent pancakes on this special day but also as a chance to help those who need it most within our industry.

For this reason we have joined forces again with Hospitality Action, and all proceeds from today’s succulent dessert sales will go to them. If you are visiting us and are thinking of treating yourself to a sweet treat after your meal, we encourage to go for this one as will love it and at the same time will be contributing to a good cause, Fazendeiros.

All the best of our Marquise de Chocolate in Pancake form
All the best of our Marquise de Chocolate in Pancake form

Our Shrove Tuesday Special

This sweet temptation created by our Executive Chef Fran Martínez exclusively for this special occasion brings everything we love from our signature dessert – Marquise de Chocolate – into a delectable but light pancake. It’s filled with delicious whipped cream and chocolate brownie, bathed in dulce de leche, and topped with honeycomb.

Indulgent dulce de leche poured over our Shrove Tuesday pancake.
Dulce de leche poured over our Shrove Tuesday pancake

If that description wasn’t making your mouth water enough, this heavenly dessert is accompanied by crumbled chocolate brownie and vanilla ice-cream. Definitely one we believe you should try!

Our work with Hospitality Action

Let us tell you a bit more about our collaboration with this charity. If you are new to our blog, you may be wondering what Hospitality Action is. They are an incredibly important organisation that looks after those that need it the most within our industry, raising money to help them and offer continuous support.

We believe in what this charity stands for, Fazendeiros. We worked with them last year- if you missed it, take a look at our post about Social Sunday, where we raised over £18,000 – and are delighted to continue working together in 2020.

Our Shrove Tuesday in the making
Our Shrove Tuesday in the making

Will you be trying this luscious dessert today? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments box below or via our social media channels Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.