How to make: Ojo de Bife al Trapo, with Catena Paraje Altamira

This recipe, created by our Executive Chef Fran Martinez and featuring Catena Paraje Altamira Malbec, can be loosely translated as ‘ribeye wrapped in a cloth’.

He’s used a classic cut of meat, ojo de bife and an unusual technique which has a cotton cloth as the protagonist. This cloth is soaked in the Fazenda-exclusive Catena Paraje Altamira Malbec, then wrapped around the ribeye and put directly on the embers.

Just a few ingredients provide all the flavour we need, Fazendeiros. We hope you give it a try and love it as much as we did. 

Serves 4-6

2kg ribeye (fillet can also be used)
400g rock salt
Rosemary (thyme can also be used)
2 garlic cloves
250ml Catena Malbec Paraje Altamira
1 cloth (100% cotton)
Cotton string 


Remove ribeye from fridge at least 1h before you start the preparation. Prepare your charcoal so embers are ready for the meat. 

In a bowl or container pour 250ml of wine and soak the cotton cloth completely so it absorbs all of it. 

Place wine-soaked cloth on your worktop.

Put rock salt across the centre of the cloth, as well as rosemary and the sliced garlic.

Put your ribeye on top.

Sprinkle salt across the top of the ribeye.

Now wrap your ribeye with the cloth.

Tie each side of the cloth with string so ribeye doesn’t move and then also tie it in three places along the piece to secure cloth. You’ll now see you have a ‘parcel’ ready. 

Place ribeye ‘parcel’ directly on the embers (ensure salted side is the part in contact with heat) for 20 minutes, then turn it around so the other salted side is on the embers for an additional 20 minutes. Please note this cooking time is based on the size of today’s ribeye – 2kg.

Remove from heat and leave it to rest for 15 minutes. 

Open ‘parcel’ by cutting cloth with scissors. 

Slice and serve with your favourite accompaniments. On this occasion we’ve used our sweet potato purée with feta cheese. Chimichurri is also a perfect partner for this meat, Fazendeiros.

If you want to see this recipe in action head over to our IGTV where you’ll see the live session held by Fran and Pedro from Catena Wines.

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