Fazenda – Our New Experience

After the exciting announcement about the phased re-opening of our restaurants, we wanted to share more about our new adapted dining experience. We have been working hard to continue to bring our heritage, roots and exquisite flavours to our guests as we adapt and evolve with our new environment.

Our Unique Dining Concept

Your Fazenda experience will now begin in a slightly different way than your previous usual visit to our salad bar. We’ll be bringing one of our favourite Picadas to begin – a typical South American board of cured meats, cheeses and a classic and favourite of our guests, pão de queijo.

Our Picada
Our Picada

Our Meats

As always, Fazendeiros – our exquisite grilled meats are the ultimate protagonist at the heart of our concept. You can enjoy continuous tableside service of up to twelve cuts, using your double-sided card to control the flow of meats.

The beef cuts from our selection will be carved at your table, with the rest being served on a meat board for sharing. Indulge in our beloved Picanha (cap of rump) and guest favourite Porco Doce (pork collar with honey). Remember all our red meats are cooked to your preference.

Our signature cut: Picanha

Our Sides

To accompany your meats, we have curated a sumptuous selection of Brazilian and Argentinian Sides that will come directly to you your table. These have replaced our previous salad bar, which is now not operational.

We’re bringing back some classic favourites, such as cogumelos (creamy garlic mushrooms) and morrones (piquillo peppers). It goes without saying, our feijoada remains – and it’s delicious as ever.

We’re also introducing some exciting new sides like our tartar de remolacha – a beetroot, orange and goat‘s cheese tartare, and coliflor asada – a roasted cauliflower with yogurt, pomegranate and mint.

Tartar de remolacha
Coliflor Asada

A new Side that is already a favourite amongst our guests is our Provoleta. This is an Argentinian classic made of Provolone drizzled with chimichurri and topped with fresh cherry tomatoes. It’s accompanied by fresh bread for dipping.

Our Non-Meat Menu & Desserts

Looking for a vegetarian, pescetarian or vegan option? Great news – our non-meat menu will remain, so you can choose from a selection of delicious dishes to accompany your sides.

We’re keeping our delightful Marquise de Chocolate, and bringing in a new addition – Tiramisu. Harnessing all the classic flavours, our tiramisu comes with a Fazenda twist.

You’ll also be pleased to know that our Brazilian Sweet Treats and delectable Dulce de Leche Coulant will continue to feature on our dessert menu. How to choose?

Our Tiramisu

We can’t wait for you to join us once again, Fazendeiros. We’ve been dreaming about reopening our doors and being able to do what we do best – making our guests feel special.

View our new menu on our website, where you can also find further information on our COVID-19 Safety Measures and FAQs.