Miolo Lote 43 – Our love affair with Brazilian wines

In our beloved South America, Argentina and Chile are commonly understood to be the protagonists in producing top quality new world wines such as Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon. Whilst we honour our love affair with both countries’ expertise of winemaking, we must share our appreciation for the finest wines that come out of Brazil. This month, we’re focusing on those from the Miolo Group portfolio.

The History of the producer 

Though not establishing themselves within the wider world of wine until 1990, the Miolo story began centuries ago; as far back as 1897 by Guiseppe Miolo who emigrated from Italy. The group now own four vineyards across Brazil, with headquarters set in the stunning Vale dos Vinhedos, amongst the mountainous terrain of the Serra Gaúcha (gaucho highland).

With over 100 years of winemaking experience, the producer dominates the domestic market in Brazil, producing over 10 million litres of wine annually. As well as securing the local market, the winemakers are also known as the biggest supplier to international markets. They strive to break barriers of perceptions of Brazilian wines, with the desire to continually improve quality.

Miolo at Fazenda 

One of our favourite Miolo wines here at Fazenda has to be the Lote 43. We asked Tomas Maunier, our co-founder and wine enthusiast more about this Brazilian wine and this is what he told us.