Miolo Seival Brut Sparkling Wine

We’re always interested in unique and exciting wines here at Fazenda. Wine is such an integral part of South American culture, and since we’re in the middle of the festive season, we want to tell you more about a fantastic sparkling wine from our roots: Miolo Seival Brut from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. 

The fantastic sparkling wine in question

The fantastic tipple in question

About Miolo

Miolo has been around since 1897, founded by an Italian immigrant named Guiseppe Miolo, who arrived in Brazil with his strong passion for grapes and wine. His aim was to bring the tradition of Italian winemaking to the other side of the world, and Brazil is where he set his roots. He bought a piece of land called ‘Lote 43’, and started planting.

It took Miolo 10 years before they started to make their own wine. Ever since then, their high quality produce has helped them to grow into a name that is now associated with quality and passion in the winemaking world.

Miolo now produces an incredible 15 million litres of wine per year across 1200 hectares of land. Their aim is to create a range of wines that have an old-world character but with a Brazilian twist, and in our opinion they’ve absolutely perfected this, Fazendeiros.

Seival Brut

Seival Brut is a truly delectable sparkling wine. Most people associate sparkling wines with European regions, but Sevial Brut proves that South America can produce something just as delightful.

Produced with the ‘Charmat‘ method using a blend of high quality Chardonnay and Riesling grapes, we think that Miolo have created something that is sure to impress, preserving both the freshness and finesse that these two varieties ooze.

It certainly looks great in the glass

It certainly looks great in the glass

To the sight

Light yellow in colour, this sparkling wine can often appear to have a green tinge when the light catches it just right. When poured, the delicate perlage is immediately obvious; it’s a very classy-looking sparkling wine.

To the nose

As soon as you lift the glass to take a smell, you’ll notice the delicate aromas of tropical fruits almost jump out of the glass, with notable scents of pineapple and melon.

To the taste

As if the smell weren’t good enough, the taste is even better. Due to the balanced acidity, this sparkling wine is very fresh, with a long-lingering flavour that invites you to take yet another sip, Fazendeiros.



We love Miolo Seival Brut so much that we included it in our December Menu, as we believe it’s the perfect bubbly treat to enjoy this festive season, Fazendeiros.

Have you tried this sparkling wine before? We’d love to hear your thoughts on it over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or in the comments below.