Meet Some of our Bishopsgate Management Team

We are thrilled to introduce you to some of the exceptional individuals who will form the backbone of our new restaurant in London.

With their diverse backgrounds, unwavering passion, and remarkable expertise, they will embody the essence of Fazenda and bring an unparalleled level of excellence to every aspect of your experience with us, Fazendeiros.

Allow us to introduce you to Sergio, our General Manager, whose Italian heritage inspires everything he does to bring a unique dining experience to guests. Beyond his love of martial arts, his true passion lies in the world of wines, spirits, teas, and cigars (centre of the picture).

Next, we have Andrea and Khalid, our Deputy General Managers. Andrea hails from Austria; with a love for music, wine, traveling, and skiing, Andrea's vibrant personality adds a touch of warmth and charm to our team. Khalid brings over 10 years of hospitality experience, with a keen focus on building efficient guest-centric teams. In his role he aims to ensure every aspect of your dining experience is seamless and memorable (Andrea is fourth from left to right in the picture, and Khalid is second)

Last but certainly not least, we have Hanna and Katherine, who make up our Relationships & Events Team at Fazenda Bishopsgate.

Hanna, with her vibrant personality, genuine warmth, and unwavering dedication, is poised to craft fantastic events and forge meaningful connections with our guests as our Relationships & Events Manager (first from left to right)

Katherine, who may be familiar to many as our former REM at Fazenda Manchester, has joined us here and will bring her wealth of knowledge and expertise to the thriving atmosphere of Fazenda Bishopsgate as our Relationships & Events Executive (last from left to right)

We believe that exceptional experiences are crafted by exceptional individuals. Our senior management and relationships & events teams embody this philosophy, bringing their unique talents, interests, and expertise to create a dining experience we hope you will love, Fazendeiros.

Fazenda Bishopsgate Management Team

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