Meet Isobel | Fazenda Leeds’ Relationships & Events Manager

We love introducing you to different members of our fantastic team, Fazendeiros. This week spoke to Isobel Sibley, our Relationships & Events Manager (REM) in Leeds.

She couldn’t wait to introduce herself to you so we travelled to Leeds, had a quick Q&A with her over some coffee so you can get to know her a little bit better!

Isobel - REM at Fazenda Leeds

Isobel – REM at Fazenda Leeds

Here’s What Isobel Had to Say

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

“First thing on a morning, I make my self a cup of Yorkshire tea. Yorkshire tea is definitely my favourite! A cup of tea always sets me up for the perfect day.”

We couldn’t agree more with her there.

What is it like to be a Relationships & Events Manager?

“Each day is different, yet well-structured and organised. Since joining Fazenda, I have been able to share my passion of the Brand and its values with our potential and loyal guests. As the brand is still growing, it is an inspiring time to be a part of the team. I have been a part of many changes and growth in the company, which makes my job stimulating and adaptable.”

And growing we are indeed. It’s a challenge we take seriously, and our REMs are key to build seamless relationships with you all in each city, Fazendeiros.

What’s the best part of your role?

“My favourite part of my role is going out and meeting new people. Over the last year of working for Fazenda, I have been given the opportunity to meet some wonderful characters with amazing stories! It gives me the opportunity to develop and grow as a person as well as learning about everyone’s individual and unique journey.”

Her openness and positivity are undeniable features!

What do you love doing when you don’t have to worry or think about work?

“I love travelling! There’s many places on my list including Asia, Brazil and Italy. I’d like to think I am well travelled but the more I learn, the longer my list gets. Since working at Fazenda, I have learnt so much about the Brazilian culture and I can’t wait to visit to learn and see more of this beautiful country. Fingers crossed for 2020!”

We’ll make sure she adds a few days over to visit Argentina too. An Asado is something that can’t be missed!

Favourite Fazenda meat?

“The pork collar without a doubt! This is definitely my guilty pleasure when working and dining at Fazenda. The honey and cinnamon glaze gives the perfect balance of sweet and savoury to satisfy my major sweet tooth!”

We won’t challenge that. Absolute favourite indeed, Fazendeiros.

The smile that characterises Isobel!

The smile that characterises Isobel!

Do you have any questions for Isobel, Fazendeiros?

Please leave a comment down below if you do, she’ll be answering any and all you leave for her. And if you spot Isobel when you next visit us at Fazenda Leeds, don’t hesitate to say hello.