Mauricio Lorca Inspirado

Wine is a big part of our culture back in South America. Loved and consumed by many, it’s rare to ever forgo an asado without a gorgeous glass of red.

A favourite mentioned last week by our Relationship Marketing Manager Dayle O’Hara, we want to tell you more about this Argentinian wine, and the genius behind it.

About Mauricio Lorca 

Named after the founder, Mauricio, the creation of this winery was actually never planned. Mauricio was originally ready to attend medical school with the dream of becoming a doctor, when a talk by a winemaking tutor sparked an immediate interest in him.

The famous winemaker (Image credit - Gestión)

The famous winemaker (Image credit – Gestión)

20 years ago, he began to put all his efforts into his own winemaking business. Although he struggled at first with tough times and financial woes, he slowly worked his way up the ladder to become the highly reputable winemaker that he is today.

The winery is in a beautiful area (Image credit - Grupo Foster Lorca)

The winery is in a beautiful area (Image credit – Grupo Foster Lorca)

Mauricio is highly regarded for making no compromises when it comes to every step of the winemaking process, meticulously ensuring he’s producing the best wine he possibly can. This, combined with his tendency to take big risks in areas where other winemakers were afraid to explore, has propelled him to become one of the biggest names in modern-day winemaking.

Mauricio Lorca Inspirado 2013

This fantastic, premium red wine originates from one of the most famous wine regions – Mendoza in Argentina.

Grown in Vista Flores in the Uco Valley, the grapes reside 1,050 metres above sea level, with 2,600 plants per acre.

Only the very best fruit from the vintage is selected – Malbec, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot. Unsuprisingly, the exact proportions of these used are a well-guarded secret, but they work beautifully together.

Premium grapes at the Mauricio Lorca vineyard (Image credit - Grupo Foster Lorca)

Premium grapes at the Mauricio Lorca vineyard (Image credit – Grupo Foster Lorca)

Fermented in old 500-litre barrels the wine is then aged for 16 months in new 225-litre barrels.

Tasting notes 

Almost black in colour, this deep red delight is complex, elegant and intense in the nose. Black fruits and spices combine perfectly with chocolate and vanilla notes to create an excellent full-bodied experience.

Delicately sweet and full in the mouth, it has round tannins and a long, persistent finish that will make you look forward to every sip.

It's beautifully flavourful

Beautifully flavourful

It’s ideal when paired with goat and sheep cheeses, and also grilled, smoked and spiced meats. For any individual with a sweeter tooth, it also works great with chocolate desserts.

Available on our Wine Menu, this wine is a must-try.

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