Jeio Prosecco

On this week’s blog, we wanted to talk about Jeio, one of our favourite Proseccos for those special occasions, Fazendeiros.

Jeio Prosecco is one of the many incredible drinks on our menu, and we particularly love this creation.

Bisol Winery

Jeio Prosecco is produced in the Bisol family vineyards, in the heart of Valdobbiadene, Italy. To produce this fantastic Prosecco, Bisol use a traditional Italian technique known as ‘Heroic viticulture‘, whereby every steep hillside vineyard is cultivated completely by hand.

The steep hills make for a difficult cultivation process, but the hillside vineyards are perfect in terms of sun exposure.

The beautiful hillside vineyards

The beautiful hillside vineyards (Source – Bisol)

Bisol winery was founded in 1858 by Eliseo Bisol, and the Bisol family have been producing Prosecco in the Cartizze region ever since. 21 generations of this family means that they have perfected their craft, and it really shows through with Jeio.

The steep hills of Bisol's vineyards

The steep hills of Bisol’s vineyards (Source – Bisol)

About Jeio

Although the winery was founded in 1858, Bisol Prosecco has roots that can be traced all the way back to the 16th century in Cartizze, the most prestigious area for Prosecco. Bisol brought this experience and knowledge together to create Jeio; Bisol have perfected it.

Barrels in the Bisol winery

Barrels in the Bisol winery (Source – Workshop Wines)

Interestingly, Jeio gets its name after Giovanna Bisol gave her husband Desiderio the affectionate nickname of “Jeio”.

Jeio Prosecco

Tasting Notes

Due to the minerality of the steep, rocky hillsides where these vines grow, this particular Prosecco has a delicate acidity that is unique to this terroir. This helps to inject life into Jeio and therefore invigorates the palate.

The Glera grape variety is used to make this special Prosecco.  Notes of pear and apple blossom are present, and are intertwined by delicate bubbles. Its dry, light-bodied and crisp nature makes it a true delight to drink. It pairs delightfully well with fish, lamb and venison. 

Jeio Prosecco is available in our drinks menu, and also available upon arrival with our December Menu.

We’d love to hear what you think about this intriguing Prosecco, Fazendeiros.