Ibérico Pork Secreto

Sometimes less is more, and that’s definitely the case this week. We’re not bringing you a delicious recipe, as we usually do, but introducing you to a very exciting addition to our menu.

Our Executive Chef Fran Martinez brings us Ibérico Pork Secreto (Iberian pork skirt) as our new Butcher’s Choice*.

What is Ibérico Pork?

You’ve probably already heard about Ibérico pork before. It’s a very special ham, most notable for its use in Spanish dishes. However, it’s now used more and more in other cuisines, due to its distinctive and unique flavour.

Our raw Iberico Pork

Ibérico pork

It’s no secret that it can be an expensive cut, but the cost makes sense when we learn about how special the breed is and their ethical rearing. Animals cannot get more free-range than Iberian pigs!

The Ibérico pig (also called ‘pata negra‘ due to its distinctive black hooves) is one of the oldest heritage breeds in the world. By porcine standards, its life is very idyllic. Once weaned, the pigs are released into government-protected oak forests and meadows. Here, they’re free to forage for acorns, wild herbs, mushrooms and grasses. Each animal is given the equivalent of 5 acres to roam, and is never slaughtered before 12 months.

The meat is extremely tender, and has an intriguingly mild, nutty, porky flavour. Secreto is often compared to wagyu beef, due to its generous amounts of intramuscular fat. This makes the meat extra juicy and rich.


When it comes to the cooking point of this fantastic cut, it can be treated just like a red meat. If it has been frozen prior to cooking, we highly recommend trying it slightly pink (medium).

The perfect cooking point

The perfect cooking point

Here at Fazenda, we like to keep it simple, and let the flavours of the meat take centre stage. We cook it on an open fire for 2-3 minutes on each side, and recommend trying it with our fresh chimichurri or a squeeze of lemon.

Finished with our tasty chimmichurri and a sprinkle of salt

Finished with chimichurri and a sprinkle of salt

This cut is quickly becoming one of our very favourites and we hope you love it as much as we do, Fazendeiros.

As always, once you try it on your next visit, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the comments here or over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Ibérico Pork


*Our Butcher’s Choice is always a cut of meat handpicked by our Executive Chef Fran Martinez. Its availability varies with the seasons.