How to make: Frango Picante

As we cross our fingers for the continuation of the recent sunshine and warm weather, we’re sharing a new recipe from our Executive Chef, Fran Martinez. Perfect for your next barbecue, these spicy yoghurt marinated chicken thighs (frango picante) are full of flavour, bringing a kick for those chilli lovers.

Frango Picante
Frango Picante

Preparation is always key when it comes to making a marinade. With this one, we recommend that you prepare the marinade the day before and leave the chicken to rest in the fridge overnight. You can however, make it on the day and keep the marinated chicken in the freezer for at least an hour before cooking.

We’re serving our chicken thighs with charred pickled onion petals from a previous recipe, some chopped chilli, mint and some yoghurt for dipping. Now onto the important part…


Frango Picante
Ingredients for our Frango Picante

8 boneless chicken thighs

240g natural yoghurt

30g Malagueta chilli sauce (you can use an alternative if you don’t have this)

5g salt

3g smoked paprika

2g turmeric

2g cumin

2 garlic cloves (chopped)

20g parsley (chopped)

2g black pepper

1 lemon 

Put all of the ingredients apart from the chicken into a sizeable bowl and mix with your hands. Once the ingredients are well mixed, add in the chicken and ensure the thighs are well covered in the marinade. Pop the bowl into the fridge.

Cooking your Frango Picante

If you’re cooking the chicken on the barbecue, first place the thighs on indirect heat to ensure they are cooked through. Once the meat is cooked, move the thighs onto a higher heat so that the outside begins to crisp. You want to slightly char the marinade to bring those extra special barbecue flavours.

Should you fancy Frango Picante regardless of the weather, oven cooking these thighs produces just as delicious results. Simply place the thighs and all of the marinade on a roasting tray and cook at around 160/180 degrees for about 20-25 minutes. To get the crisp outer layer, finish under the grill for around 5-7 minutes.

To serve, squeeze some freshly cut lemon wedges just before indulging. And there you have a simple yet delectable dish to enjoy with family and friends!

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