How to Make: Clover Club

We’re never ones to shy away from a delicious cocktail here at Fazenda, which is why this week we’re telling you more about Clover Club, one of our favourite concoctions from our Drinks Menu.

The brilliant cocktail in question

The brilliant cocktail in question


The Clover Club is a classic cocktail that actually dates all the way back to a time before the Prohibition period. The first published recipe for the Clover Club was in 1917, in a book called ‘The Ideal Bartender‘.

This delicious cocktail is named after a club of the same name that was located in Brooklyn. This men’s club first opened all the way back in 1882, and eventually closed its doors in the late 1920s. It’s said that the upper class members of this famous club used to love this cocktail, and it’s easy to see why.





40ml Portobello Road gin
1 bar spoon of raspberry jam
25ml lemon juice
10ml Noilly Prat dry vermouth
1 egg white


Add all the ingredients into a Boston cocktail shaker tin and dry shake it without ice to emulsify the egg white. This may take between 1 to 2 minutes of vigorous shaking, so be prepared for a miniature workout! It’ll be worth it in the end, as the dry shaking should create a delicate foam, and add a slightly thicker texture to the drink.

Next, add ice cubes into the shaker and shake again until the tin is cold to the touch.

Finally, fine strain the mixture into a coupe glass. If you’d like to add some extra flair, garnish with 2 raspberries on a stick gently laid across the top of the glass.

We think it looks fantastically classy

We think it looks fantastically classy

It’s now ready to be enjoyed! Upon your first sip, you’ll notice lovely tart fruit notes from the jam and lemon juice, with a nice dry finish, thanks to the gin and vermouth.


Have you ever tried this perfect cocktail before, Fazendeiros? We’d love to hear your thoughts and see your creations over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or in the comments below.