How to Make: A Break in the Clouds Cocktail

With the warm and – hopefully – sunny summer months fast approaching, this week we’d love to show off a gorgeous cocktail from our diverse Drinks Menu.

‘A Break in the Clouds’ is a vibrant, flavourful cocktail we think is perfect to sip on as you sit at our bar or out on our terraces, taking in the heat (when and while it lasts!).

Our wonderful 'A Break In The Clouds' cocktail

Our wonderful ‘A Break In The Clouds’ cocktail


40ml Belvedere vodka

15ml Monin vanilla syrup

15ml Funkin mango puree

10ml Lime juice

Jeio Prosecco


It's a fantastic summery colour

It’s a fantastic summery colour


Using all the ingredients above, it’s time to piece this irresistible concoction together.

Add all of your ingredients (except the Jeio Prosecco) into a Boston cocktail shaker tin making sure you add some cubed ice to make it nice and cool. Shake well until the shaker tin feels ice-cold.

Using a fine mesh strainer, pour the liquid into a chilled coupe glass (but any glass you can find at home will do too!) and top it up with some Jeio Prosecco to give it a bit more length and a slight fizz.

Garnishing the cocktail

Garnishing the cocktail

For a touch of aroma, we like to burn the end of a rosemary sprig, and lay it gently across the glass (eating the rosemary – optional).

All that’s left for you to do now is sit back and enjoy this delicious drink in the sun; notwithstanding the weather lately, of course.

Have you ever tried this cocktail at Fazenda? If you make this one at home, we’d love to see what you create and hear your thoughts over on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.