Our Roots

A Little History of Exchange Flags and Our Liverpool Restaurant

Nestled in the heart of Liverpool's business district lies Exchange Flags, a historic square that has played a pivotal role in the city's rich mercantile heritage. It's here that we opened our second restaurant, embracing this living history in creating an unparalleled steakhouse experience amidst architectural splendour.

The name "Exchange Flags" itself harks back to the 19th century, when cotton merchants and brokers would congregate in this open-air plaza. Flags acted as sign posts representing a place between traders to meet, exchanging information and conducting deals at the heartbeat of Liverpool's booming textile trade.

The brokers' preferred meeting spot eventually gave way to the city's first purpose-built Exchange Building, as technologies like the telegraph ushered trading indoors, no longer needing a physical meeting space.

From this, a new state-of-the-art Cotton Exchange arose, commissioned and completed in 1906 and which became home to some of the latest technologies including telephones with direct lines to New York, Bremen and Bombay cotton exchanges. This stately U-shaped Edwardian structure served as an important trading hub for the city and country, connecting Liverpool's cotton empire to markets worldwide.

Today this Grade II listed building offers a stunning backdrop for al fresco dining. With its stately Baroque-revival facades and iconic domed roof cutters, guests can choose to sit amidst the stately grandeur of these historic edifices from our outdoor terrace.

We like to think that the theatrics of our passadores slicing selections of grilled meats tableside, connects modern diners to the convivial spirit that defined this plaza's origins. Our dining experience acts as a sumptuous confluence of South America's renowned churrasco traditions, melding seamlessly with Liverpool's storied commercial heart.

Whether you're a local seeking an exceptional steakhouse in Liverpool, or a visitor craving exquisite cuisine alongside striking historical ambiance, Fazenda Liverpool provides a truly unmatched intersection of past and present through its cultural immersion and culinary artistry.

Fazenda Liverpool