Getting to know Salta, Argentina

The Province of Salta, Argentina

Moving across the South American borders of Brazil, we’ll be talking all things Argentina in the month of June; starting with the provincial capital – Salta.

Located in the North West of Argentina in the Lerma Valley, this mountanious capital is steeped in history, architecture and Spanish heritage. Founded in 1582 by the Spanish conquistador Hernando de Lerma,the city currently inhabits over 600,000 people.

Image credit – Sergio Arze

An area of natural beauty

A landscape of forestry, desert and terrain, this place eminates pure beauty with a uniqueness that set its apart from the rest of Argentina. It’s cultural blend of Spanish heritage and historical indigenous way of life exudes into all aspects of the city.

Some of the beautiful surrounding landscape (Image credit – Hector Ramon Perez)

The city of Salta boasts a rich portfolio of activity for all visitors. Why not embark on an Andean adventure and discover the Yungas Forest which spans parts of Argentina, Peru and Bolivia. For the nature lover, this part of Argentina is rich in natural wonders and iconic attractions.

Closer to the heart of Salta, one can visit the characterful Catedral Basílica de Salta in Plaza 9 de Julio.

Food & Wine

A fact for the wine lovers amongst us: Salta is the prime land for growing our beloved Torrontés grape varietal in Argentina, and you can find vineyards belonging to producers such as Alamos. Torrontés is Argentina’s only native grape and is cultivated in extreme growing conditions at high altitude, which makes for a wine rich in flavour. Visiting Cafayte is simply a must, Fazendeiros.

Satiating our passion for food, we cannot fail to mention Salta’s proud claim of the best empandas in Argentina. Locally named ‘salteñas’, one must make it a priority to speak with the locals to discover the favoured spot for sampling the variety of empanadas.

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Have you been to Salta? Let us know in the comments below if you have any favourites places or attractions you would recommend!