Two Dishes from our Bishopsgate Menu Fusing Pampas Tradition with Modern Dining

It's now just over two weeks until we can welcome you into the heart of the capital, Fazendeiros. Situated near Liverpool Street in the Square Mile, Fazenda Bishopsgate will open on 2nd August!

Here in London, we aim to share a truly authentic and unforgettable Rodizio dining experience with you - our guests. From the Pampas to the UK, the Fazenda Experience continues to pay homage to our South American roots in Argentina and Brazil.

In preparation, we'd like to share two of our many iconic dishes which act as perfect examples of the fusion between gaúcho traditions and modern dining.

What better example to start with than our Barriga de Porco... Also referred to as pork belly, this cut is a sumptuous combination of textures and flavours.

Expertly cooked and grilled, this meat is first tenderised and infused with flavours overnight; after which our Team slow-cook the pork for eight hours at 78°C. Perfection takes time, Fazendeiros.

After then grilling it, our passadores then deliver a caramelised and crispy result, served with a honey and cinnamon glaze and a wedge of lemon, creating the perfect fusion of savoury and sweet.

If you love seafood, why not try a contemporary classic? Taste the magnificent flavours of Bacalhau à Brasileira: a traditional Portuguese dish with a beautiful Brazilian twist, typically enjoyed by all at weekly family gatherings.

Translating to Brazilian style cod, this is a stunning traditional dish found on our Fazenda Bishopsgate mains menu. Delicately prepared and cut, this delightful fish is confit and served with egg and sautéd peppers and black olives to create a mouth-watering plenitude of textures and flavours.

Explore the essence of the Pampas further on our Fazenda Bishopsgate Food Menu; discover exquisitely crafted dishes, sharing plates, rodizio meats and more.

Reservations are now live. We're looking forward to welcoming you all, Fazendeiros!

Barriga de Porco and Bacalhau à Brasileira - Fazenda Bishopsgate