Allergen Information

Please inform your waiter/tress of any allergy you might suffer from before you order or consume any food or drink. 

In the restaurant we have allergen information for the key 14 allergens outlined by law. This information is displayed on our menus, Market Table and allergen charts and will specify which food items we know contain any of these key 14 allergens. Please note even though we follow safe and hygienic food handling procedures we cannot guarantee there won’t be any cross-contamination in our food or drinks, either by us or from our supply chain.  

If your allergy is not part of the key 14 allergens, we cannot guarantee that your allergen is not present in our food. This is due to the fact that the law does not cover your allergen and therefore our suppliers have no legal obligation to list the allergen as an ingredient in products. If you have a severe key 14 allergy, or any allergy not part of the key 14, we can provide you with our reduced-risk allergy option, which cannot eliminate all the chance of cross-contamination, but is the most reduced-risk option for you. For this option, we will prepare a selection of freshly washed and chopped vegetables and sides items specifically for you and of your choice. For our selection of meats, we recommend you only take our joints of meats which are seasoned only with salt and oil and do not take any meats which are marinated, or any of the sausages. This meat selection would include: Picanha (Cap of Rump), Alcatra (Rump), Contra Filet (Sirloin) Tritip (Bottom Sirloin) and Bife Ancho (Ribeye).

Meats subject to change with supply but our restaurants will always have the latest allergy updates.