Coravin at Fazenda


‘Explore by the pour, without pulling the cork’

Only a very small selected group of restaurants in the world offer Coravin Wine Access Technology, and Fazenda is proud to be part of this exclusive group.

The Coravin System allows you to pour and enjoy fine wine without disturbing the natural ageing process by keeping the cork in the bottle, where it’s been since it was first sealed at the winery.

‘Coravin Wine Technology uses technology that keeps the cork in the bottle.

A thin needle is inserted through the cork to access the wine. The bottle is pressurised with argon, an inert gas that has no effect on the taste profile of the wine. The wine then flows through the needle and pours into the glass.

The needle is removed from the cork and the cork reseals, protecting the wine from oxidation, enabling you to enjoy your wine glass by glass weeks or months later.’


Coravin 6


Now, at Fazenda, you can enjoy our finest wines without having to purchase the whole bottle.  Explore the world of premium wines at accessible prices.

See Coravin in action in this short Instagram video.

You can also find Coravin  on Facebook, Twitter (also their UK account) and YouTube.

Have you tried any of our selected wines served using Coravin at Fazenda?