Vallisto Criolla

Wine is a big part of our South American roots here at Fazenda. It’s almost impossible to have an asado without some good red wine to accompany the meat; it’s a match made in heaven.

On this week’s blog we share with you more about Vallisto Criolla, a uniquely fantastic wine from the Calchaquí Valley region in Salta, Argentina.

Only 1.2% of all Argentinian wines are produced in Salta, but this small percentage is of the absolute best quality.

About Vallisto

A vallisto is used to refer to a person of the valley – particularly the Cafayate Valley, Salta. Starting as a small project by Francisco Lavaque, this winery has quickly gained traction, producing some of the most exciting wines to come out of South America. His family have been deeply involved in winemaking for many decades, so he is definitely no novice.

Vallisto are all about expressing the unique terriors from this amazing part of the world, and proving to people that they can create wines that are above and beyond what is expected. They’re creating wines with modern elegance from very old vines, blending new and old in perfect winemaking harmony.

About the Wine

Produced using the unique vine variety called Criolla, the vines have adapted over centuries to become very resilient to the challenging growing conditions of Northern Argentina, such as very low rainfall. It truly is a hard-working grape, and is perfect for producing wines that are simple and light. In more recent years however, several winemakers have recognised the true potential of this grape, unlocking a full flavor and introducing a new energy to Criolla.

This is where Vallisto come in. They’ve worked tirelessly to create something that’s truly special. These grapes are planted in a vineyard from 1898, and grown at an awe-inspiring 2600 metres above sea level!

Its truly a special experience

It’s an unforgettable experience

How does it Taste?

As soon as you lift a glass of this luscious wine to take a sip, exotic floral notes almost jump out of the glass, with a hint of Turkish delight and summer fruits.

When you take a taste, the first thing you’ll notice is the invigorating acidity, accompanied by pretty pronounced tannins. It’s very interesting in the fact that despite the wine looking quite light in the glass, its flavour simply blows you away – it’ll truly take you by surprise.

We absolutely love this wine

We absolutely love this wine

It’s best served at 8°C, and is perfect on a crisp spring day, but we think this wine is suitable for any occasion here at Fazenda.

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