Summer in Argentina

The classic Argentine holiday

In an attempt to escape the change in weather, we’re dreaming of Summer in Argentina Fazendeiros; in the hope that our dreaming will encourage the sunshine to return – and stay.

Forget the odd British barbecue – we’re taking you to South America to submerge you into the traditions of an Argentinian summer.

With a country so beautifully vast to travel and the neighbouring countries of Brazil and Uruguay, planning is essential!

Never doing things by halves, people in Argentina holiday for a sufficient length of time, usually for two weeks. Organising ‘the summer holiday’ is something that begins well in advance, so less of the sporadic and spontaneous European weekend trip. Like everything in South America, planning for holidays is very much a family affair, and takes conscientious decisions in order to ensure everyone’s needs are catered for.

Though the summer months in Argentina are between December and March (the polar opposite to the UK), we thought we would tantalize your travelling tastebuds with some of our favourite holiday destinations.

Beach versus mountains

Now, if we had to epitomize the classic holiday destinations of an Argentine, they would include some of the below:

Iguazú Falls & National Park

Image credit – Diego Rezende

These breathtaking waterfalls have a total of 275 drops, with gorgeous hiking routes to reach them. Found in the depths of the Atlantic rainforest which spans Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, the falls constitute only one day of your holiday itinerary. Argentinians will typically rent a lodge or a big house nearby to really experience the natural wonders surrounding the falls.

Mar del Plata 

Image credit – delfi de la Rua

It’s a universal truth that city dwellers naturally pine for open water and golden sands for their summer holidays. There are no exceptions to this truth for Argentinians, and Mar del Plata is a destination perfectly suited to those needs. You’ll never fall short of things to do in this family-friendly resort, with a variety of activities on offer such as horse-riding and surfing, and golfing. The most popular city after Buenos Aires, this coastal gem is a hit amongst the Argentines.

Buenos Aires

Some of the sights here will leave you in awe (Image credit – Sander Crombach)

The capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is rich in culture, history and, most importantly, food. Buenos Aires is known as ‘the Paris of the Americas’, so expect liveliness, with tango, football and bustling streets.

Argentinians love their tango, and it really comes alive during the summer months. People travel from far and wide just to experience the atmosphere and mood set by a tango show in the heart of the city.

Bariloche, Patagonia

Image credit – Geronimo Giqueaux

Patagonian Bariloche serves as an ideal all year round vacation destination for the Argentine holidaymaker. This place boasts scenes of snow-covered mountains during winter and pristine beaches and clear blue waters in summer.

Argentines spoilt for choice in Bariloche, with its numerous beaches, lakes and its impressive mountain range.  Known as an adventurers haven, Bariloche has something for everyone.

A taste of summer 

Asados have always been the backbone of Argentinian families and friends. They’re an opportunity to spend time with others, all whilst enjoying incredible meats (always accompanied by a glass of Malbec!). Summer is not summer without endless Asados.

Have you visited any of these places, Fazendeiros? Tell us about your experiences below in the comments!