South American Gaúchos – Tradition and Heritage

Here at Fazenda we’re driven by our passion for continuing century-old traditions of gaúchos and we pride ourselves on allowing our guests to have a taste of our culture and heritage in our restaurants.

‘Gaúchos’, the South American term for ‘cattle farmers’, are at the heart of the rodizio experience that we have grown to know and love, for it was the traditions of the gaúchos that inspired the popular way of dining.

Inhabiting the Pampas of Southern Brazil in Rio Grande do Sul, gaúchos would herd the cattle across the vast plains on their farms, known as ‘fazendas’. To satiate their hunger, they would build a fire pit in the ground and would pierce large pieces of meat with a wooden stake. They would then put these around the fire, slowly grilling those joints of meat. When ready, gaúchos would delicately carve the meats, whilst drinking mate – or wine, surrounded by friends and family.

Bringing this Tradition to our Fazendeiros

Bringing the iconic style of dining from the Pampas to restaurants, the experience is centered around the concept of sharing. Sharing with family and friends; creating and sharing memories. At Fazenda we believe we offer the key ingredients to offer our guests that unique dining experience that we strive to deliver.

We believe that behind every great dining experience is great company. Rodizio dining is more than a concept, it is a way of keeping our South American heritage alive, with all of the tradition behind the unique way of serving.

With the finest grilled meats at the centre of our culinary rituals, the gaúcho way of living brings us a feeling of contentment and fond memories of back home.

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