Meet Lukas | Our Deputy General Manager at Fazenda Leeds

Today we are bringing you another piece from our ‘Meet the Team’ series, Fazendeiros. On this occasion, we want you to meet Lukas Barnfather, our Deputy General Manager at Fazenda Leeds, who has now been working with us for over five years. Read on to know more about him!

Lukas Barnfather at our Fazenda Leeds restaurant

What is your job like?

I would say that the main aspect of my role ultimately is based on our guests having the best experience possible with us! Of course, a lot goes on behind the scenes in order to achieve this such as ensuring our team’s wellbeing, coaching and developing our team, maintaining standards of our product, service, and appearance of the restaurant, compliance with due diligence/food safety, managing restaurant operations and shifts, as well as much more!

What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

Tricky question, as there are so many different aspects of my role. The main thing that springs to mind is working alongside my colleagues. We’re so fortunate to have an amazing team who all buy into the values of Fazenda and what we are striving to achieve on a daily basis. There is a real family feel to the working environment and everyone is working for one another. I’ve not experienced this in past places of work and I think it’s something I feel is very difficult to achieve. So I consider myself very lucky in the fact that I look forward to going to work every day.

How do you think your job has helped you personally?

It’s really hard to name just one thing as I have been with the company for over five years now, so I have developed massively both professionally and personally within this time. Problem-solving would be one area that my job role has helped me with as in my line of work I’m often having to think on my feet. An example of how this once relayed to my personal life was an instance where I was having my bathroom renovated and a pipe burst. I essentially had what looked like a waterfall raining down my kitchen ceiling. Five years ago, I’m pretty sure I would have frozen, but I managed to at least stop the water flow before the professionals arrived to help! Luckily, there was no longer-lasting damage.

Fazenda Leeds Interior
Fazenda Leeds

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I would describe myself as a pretty low key person. I wouldn’t say I have a mass of hobbies. In my downtime I enjoy taking my dog out for a stroll, socialising with friends, cooking from time to time, listening to music or watching football – although being an Arsenal fan, my interest in the latter has slightly declined in recent times!

If you could spend one day with someone you admire, who would you choose and why?

I think Ferran Adrià would be my answer to this. I’m quite fascinated by molecular gastronomy. I think the idea of transforming a classic dish into something with completely different textures through using different cooking techniques, whilst maintaining the same flavours, is pretty special. Although this can’t always be achieved and some classics should always be left as they are!

What’s your favourite wine in Fazenda?

We’re fortunate to have an amazing wine list but for me, it would have to be the Quinta Do Seival! A Brazilian wine made with grapes traditionally used for port. It’s bold but not too overpowering and is perfectly balanced for my liking.

Bar at Fazenda Leeds
Our bar at Fazenda Leeds

Do you have any more questions you would like to ask Lukas, Fazendeiros? You can send them over via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, and he will be more than happy to answer them!