‘Like’ us on Facebook but can’t see us?

When you ‘like’ a Page on Facebook, what they post appears on your Facebook newsfeed; or at least that’s the theory.

If you are also having problems seeing what we share on Facebook, read on. 

Facebook uses an algorithm that decides what you, as a user, can see on your feed. This is determined by how much you interact with a Page – ‘likes’, ‘shares’, ‘comments’ – so that you don’t miss news and posts from those Pages you like the most.

This, however, seems to have been slightly changed recently.  First we heard from customers who had just liked our Page but said they couldn’t ‘see’ us at all. That sounded a little strange; how can Facebook determine someone’s interaction if they can’t see anything from the very moment they ‘like’ a Page? How can they share or comment on our posts if they don’t appear on their newsfeeds?

We realised something had definitely changed when we, Fazenda’s admins, suddenly couldn’t see Fazenda’s Facebook posts on our own personal newsfeeds. It seemed we were also supposed to personally ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on the posts we had ourselves created!

Fortunately, there is something very simple you can do.  To make sure you don’t miss our posts, go to Fazenda’s Facebook Page, hover over ‘Liked’ and click on ‘Get Notifications’ or ‘Add to Interest Lists’.

The first one will allow you to receive a visual notification on your Facebook panel when there’s a new Fazenda post; the second one will allow you to add our Page – and any others – to an ‘Interests List’, which you will be able to see on the left-hand side of your Facebook panel.

Fazenda FacebookThanks once again for your support, Fazendeiros!

UPDATE: We have done this as Fazenda’s admins on our own personal Facebook pages and ‘liked’ a couple of our own posts (silly, we know, but needs must!) and voilà, the posts have started appearing on our newsfeeds once again.