A little piece of paradise on Earth, Jericoacoara

We know how long this month can be, Fazendeiros! But we are fighting back any January blues with the turquoise waters of our next destination: Jericoacoara.

Jericoacoara, a hidden gem…

Tracing back our South American roots, we arrive (not without a struggle!) in Jericoacoara, a secluded fishing village off the northeast coast of Brazil.

Jericoacoara isn’t easy to access. Unless you are travelling there by helicopter, you will need to make your way to Jijoca, 23km away from this coastal town. From there, only a 4×4 vehicle can transport you through magical sand dunes until you reach your destination in the National Park of Jericoacoara.

This place is so remote, it only became a popular destination when the Washington Post Magazine included it in its top 10 list of most beautiful beaches in the world back in 1987.

The magic of the village

The combination of locals and their environment is what makes this place so unique. A law in Jericoacoara restricts street illumination at night, despite electricity being available these days, making shops and restaurants the only source of light at night. Another interesting detail about this Brazilian town is that its streets aren’t paved, so the sand stretches from the beach into the village.

A spectacular view from the quaint village

To make this unreal place even more special, etiquette is non-existent, as the locals carry a very laid-back lifestyle. This way, flip-flops and comfortable clothes are the best way to blend in.

Enjoying the simple pleasures…

This little paradise is the perfect location to escape the busy city lifestyle. The place forces visitors to slow down and enjoy the little things of life. From excellent meals, freshly brought from the sea to your table, to unforgettable sunsets. Jericoacoara isn’t just the kind of place where stress is allowed!

The beach is the perfect place for locals and visitors to unwind (Image credit – Milo Miloezger)

And as we mention sunsets… Did you know you have a higher chance to see what’s commonly called a Green Sunset here, Fazendeiros? This may sound strange, but this rare phenomenon is chased by people all over the world. Also known as ‘the green flash’, the sun turns bright green for an instant right before hiding behind the horizon. You can find an example of this amazing event here.

The sunset is a truly beautiful sight (Image credit – Sébastien Goldberg)

This gorgeous destination has something for everyone, from aquatic sports to delicious food, it is definitely a place worth visiting.

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