How to Make: Peach Blossom

Last week we announced the launch of our revised and updated Drinks Menu. Featuring brand-new alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails with unique and wonderful flavours, we thought that on this week’s blog we’d show you a bit more about one of our favourites, Fazendeiros…

Peach Blossom is a very intriguing creation

The very intriguing creation

Peach Blossom is a pure glittery delight. Our unique take on a classic Bellini, the sweet and fresh flavours simply explode in the mouth, and the finishing touch of edible gold dust exudes elegance.

We want to show you how to make this special drink at home, so you can try one (or more!) for yourself. It’s simple yet delicious.


35ml Peach liqueur
75ml Sparkling wine
Peychaud’s Bitters
Edible gold dust
1 Sugar cube


Ready to be enjoyed

Ready to be enjoyed


Place the sugar cube into a chilled coupe glass and add a few drops of bitters until the sugar cube is soaked. Add the peach liqueur, and gently stir to allow the sugar to dissolve.

Top it up with the sparkling wine, and add your desired amount of edible gold dust. Give this superb concoction a final gentle stir until the gold dust shimmers throughout.

The completed creation

The completed creation

Garnish with a dainty edible flower to finish. Here at Fazenda we also give this cocktail a light spray of fragrant orange blossom to enhance the flavour. Even if you don’t have this at home, it’s still fantastic without it.

Have you had the chance to try this new cocktail yet, Fazendeiros? What about any of the other new ones? We’d love to hear your thoughts and see your Peach Blossom creations over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.