How to Make: Ensalada de Cuadril

On this week’s blog, our Executive Chef Fran Martinez  shows us something a bit different from his other fantastic recipes yet perfect for this gorgeous weather we’re having.

The idea behind this rump salad is to use meat leftovers you might have, just like we have done with the rest of the ingredients.  If you want to use something else that we haven’t included in this recipe, it should still taste incredible, Fazendeiros.

Fran's Rump Salad

Fran’s Rump Salad

This time, Fran has chosen rump (cuadril) as it’s affordable, consistent in flavour, tender and an all-around good choice.

At Fazenda, we exclusively use Scottish beef for our rump. The whole rump is a combination of three different muscles – the rump heart, cap of rump and rump tail, meaning a whole cut is extremely varied and well-balanced in flavour.


Ingredients (serves 4)

400g Rump steak
1/4 Iceberg lettuce
1 Lemon
1/4 Cucumber
1/4 Red onion
12 New potatoes (boiled)
50g Green beans
50g Tomatoes
6 Anchovies
2 tbsp Yogurt
2 tbsp Sriracha sauce
20g Croutons
20g Grana Padano cheese
1/2 tbsp Black pepper
1/2 tbsp Maldon salt

All the ingredients we're using

All the ingredients we are using this time


First, we need to cook our rump. It only needs a couple of minutes on each side for a medium-rare cooking point, and it benefits from the addition of some vegetable oil and a good sprinkle of sea salt to draw out the flavours during cooking. If you’re outside enjoying the nice weather, it’s perfect to cook on the grill.

Our perfectly cooked rump

Fran’s perfectly cooked rump

Once our meat is cooked, the rest is quite simple. Since this is a dish all about comfort food, we decided to present ours loosely on a board. Roughly chop the ingredients and scatter them across the board – or your preferred dish – finishing off with slices of your perfectly cooked steak. It’s perfect for sharing when it’s presented this way!

One final tip we would suggest is to leave the lettuce in large pieces, as this way they’re ideal for filling them with beef and sauces while you’re enjoying the sun.

Ready to serve, Fazendeiros

Ready to serve, Fazendeiros

In the video below you can see how quickly and easily this salad can be assembled, Fazendeiros.

What do you think? If you give this recipe a try, we’d love to hear from you on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or in the comments below