How to make: Café Colombo

This week on the blog we introduce you to one of our favourite non-alcoholic cocktails. Café Colombo is truly unique; so below we tell you a bit more about the inspiration behind this fantastic concoction, but also show you how to make it at home, Fazendeiros.

Taking its name from the oldest café in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, we think it lives up to the iconic name. Using a modern innovation whereby espresso is mixed over tonic water with a splash of lemon juice, it has a fantastically dry yet refreshing favour that is sure to please the palate.

Perfect for this gorgeous summer weather we’re enjoying!


30ml Espresso
25ml Monin raspberry syrup
10ml Lemon juice
150ml 1724 tonic (feel free to use your preferred tonic)

Café Colombo is simply delicious

Café Colombo is simply delicious


Add the coffee, raspberry syrup and lemon juice into a Boston cocktail shaker filled with cubed ice. Stir the mixture until the shaker becomes cold.

Pour 150ml of tonic into a sling glass filled with cubed ice.

Carefully pour the ingredients from the Boston shaker into the sling glass over the tonic until the glass is full.

For a final touch of fresh aroma, garnish the delightful drink with a raspberry and a mint sprig.

Café Colombo

The finished creation


Have you ever tried our Café Colombo before, Fazendeiros? We’d love to hear what you think about it and see your creations over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.