Getting to Know: Puerto Madryn, Argentina

When it comes to picturing Argentina, many places come to mind. From bustling cities to the astonishing mountains of Patagonia, this enormous country is full of hidden gems reserved for locals and the most curious of visitors. We could say, Fazendeiros, this is exactly the way to describe today’s destination: Puerto Madryn.

Join us on this week’s blog post to discover everything about this little town, from its incredible wildlife to its Welsh influence and heritage.

A little corner of Argentina…

This town, founded by Welsh immigrants who arrived here in 1865, is located in the province of Chubut, Patagonia. Puerto Madryn, situated in the Golfo Nuevo and formed by the Valdés Peninsula and Punta Ninfas, became the perfect place (7,500 miles away from Wales) for these settlers to protect their language and culture in a moment of big foreign influence in Britain due to the booming Industrial Revolution.

A sunrise over Puerto Madryn

Today the most prominently Welsh locations in the area are Trelew and Gaiman, where evidence of the Celtic country is found without difficulty in every street. Here you will easily find tea houses where you can taste traditional Welsh Cakes and a good cuppa.

The place to be for wildlife watching…

One of the biggest attractions of this coastal area is without a doubt its marine wildlife.

People travel all the way from different parts of Argentina and the world to see whales here. Puerto Madryn’s sea is very well protected, making it a safe spot for all sorts of sea animals to swim free. It is precisely the whales the ones that often attract the most tourists, as they are easily seen from the shore.

Apart from the amazing experience watching the whales can be, there are more adventures available for animal lovers. Just 112 miles away from Puerto Madryn, we find Punta Tombo, where visitors can spend a day up close with a colony of Magellanic Penguins in a wildlife reserve. You can’t touch them or talk loudly – to avoid disturbing them – but as they are amicable animals, there is a chance these penguins’ curiosity takes over and they reach out to say hello!

Seeing penguins is definitely one to cross off the list (Image credit – Leo Furiolo)

If all this doesn’t sound amazing enough, you should know that you can also snorkel with sea lions, Fazendeiros. A short boat ride from Puerto Madryn to Punta Loma, you will come across a stable population of around 600 sea lions peacefully lying on the beach.

We know what you might be thinking. These beautiful creatures might seem a bit intimidating at first, but although they don’t like being disturbed while resting on land, they are actually very curious and playful when they’re diving in the sea, which will surely provide for an unforgettable experience.

Trying Argentinian delicacies in Puerto Madryn

Argentinians are always up for a good asado in any part of the country, so it goes without saying that Patagonian Lamb is obviously one of the best dishes to try in Puerto Madryn. However, this fishing village is probably one of the few places in the whole of Patagonia where you can also treat yourself to a delicious fresh seafood meal due to its privileged location by the sea.

An asado is an Argentinian classic (Image credit – Deby Rodriguez)

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