Getting to know: Iberá Wetlands, Argentina

As adventures afar may be put on hold for many of us, we’re getting to know more about Iberá Wetlands in this week’s blog. Known as ‘Esteros del Iberá’, this astounding area of natural beauty is home to indigenous wildlife and vastly inhabited waters.

Situated in the North East of Argentina in the province of Corrientes, this abundant yet unspoilt reserve exhibits nature’s wonders at their finest. Spanning over 15,000km, the Iberá Wetlands are Argentina’s largest protected area, covering roughly 14% of the entire province.

Wildlife in the Iberá Wetlands

Capybara exploring the wetlands

Amidst the plentiful lagoons, swamps and marshes that comprise the wetlands, one can find another universe of wildlife. Capybaras, the world’s largest water-dwelling rodents reside here, accompanied by caimans. The South-American cousin of crocodiles, these reptiles can be found bathing in the sun or lurking on the surface of swamps.

Caimans at the provincial Iberá reserve

Black Howler monkeys skitter through the lush greenery, sharing their abode with other mammals such as deer and crab-eating foxes. Because of the diverse landscape, you can find a habitat rich in a variety of species.

A hotspot for bird watching, the Iberá reserve is a must for bird enthusiasts. From woodpeckers to herons and storks, the marshes are home to over 300 different species.

Gaucho life around the wetlands

Gauchos wading through the lagoons of Iberá

The wetlands call for cattle farming of a different sort, presenting challenges for the gauchos of Iberá. Traversing the waterways of the reserve, the work of a gaucho is determined by the environment.

Careful selection of suitably dry land is key, though more sparse in comparison to the vast plains of the Pampas. Despite the contrast in landscape, the work on the estancias (cattle farms) remains fundamental to the heritage and tradition of gaucho living.

Visiting Ibera Wetlands

Nature lovers, avid wildlife enthusiasts and explorers, this is a place to add to your bucket list – it definitely is in ours. The wetlands and ecosystems of Iberá are often compared to neighbouring Brazil’s Pantanal. The beauty of this Argentinian gem, however – is the less discovered and frequented floodplains.

Aerial view of Iberá Wetlands
Aerial view of Iberá Wetlands

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