Fazenda Rodizio

Fazenda is a Brazilian rodizio (or churrascaría) that uses the traditional gaúcho way of cooking meat – slowly grilled on open flames to preserve the individual taste of each cut of meat.

Our unique concept features continuous table side service of fifteen (seven during lunchtime) different delectable cuts of beef, pork, lamb and chicken. These are accompanied by a sumptuous buffet of gourmet salads and freshly cut vegetables, and a variety of traditional side dishes to complement the meats.

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At Fazenda we also keep the joyous Brazilian character alive; it awes customers with quality, delicious food and excellent service, while keeping the culinary tradition alive.

With this blog we want you to feel part of Fazenda; we’ll share traditional Brazilian recipes (and some from our own Head Chef), stunning places to visit in Brazil and everything that is happening at Fazenda.

Fazenda's Fillet

Fazenda’s Fillet

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