Fazenda & Liverpool Philharmonic Partnership

Fazenda is delighted to announce our partnership with Liverpool Philharmonic.

Liverpool Philharmonic

Founded in 1840 by a group of Liverpool music-lovers, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic is one of the world’s oldest concert societies. Throughout its history, it’s been at the heart of Liverpool’s cultural life.

Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

As an establishment that values the finest artistic cultural expressions, we were honoured when Liverpool Philharmonic invited us to support them in key events they are hosting in 2019.

Sharing a mutual belief that education is the key for social change, the partnership interest came about after realising that Fazenda was supporting All Saints elementary school in Anfield in various activities, which, together with other schools in North Liverpool, is also part of the In Harmony Liverpool project.

Liverpool Philharmonic has been working with schools and the community through its orchestral programme since the 1940s. ‘In Harmony’ lies at the heart of their mission to enhance and transform lives through music. To celebrate 10 years of this fascinating project, Liverpool Philharmonic has invited Fazenda to curate a special menu for their VIP reception on the 11th March.

Established in 2009 in Everton, one of England’s most deprived neighbourhoods, In Harmony uses music to improve the life chances of children. Building stronger teams, strong families and strong communities in areas which need it most. The team works with over 1,500 children, school leaders and community members to produce an approach that is child-centred, adaptive and responsive to children’s needs and offers consistently excellent and immersive musical training and education. In Harmony puts daily music making at the heart of children’s development while helping to address challenges to this community.

Liverpool Philharmonic Hall attracts world-class artists every year. With an exciting lineup this season, Fazenda is elated to sponsor a concert that brings our South American roots to life through music. ‘A Night in the Tropics’ featuring Vientos del Sur (Winds of the South) concerto, composed by award-winning and internationally acclaimed Argentinian composer, Claudia Montero, makes its world premier on the 14th March.

The incredible hall (Credit – Liverpool Philharmonic)

Claudia Montero is the winner of four Latin Grammy Awards. In 2018 in the category “Best Classical Contemporary Composition” for her Concerto for Guitar “Luces y Sombras” and also in 2018 in the category Best Classical Album for “Magica y Misteriosa”. This includes the Guitar concerto and her Concerto for Harp. She was also winner of two further Latin Grammy Awards in the category of “Best Classical Contemporary Composition”. This was for her “Concerto for Violin and String Orchestra” (2014) and “Cuarteto para Buenos Aires” (2016).

A Night in the Tropics is starred by the outstanding accordionist, Ksenija Sidorova. It’s conducted by Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra’s Chief Conductor, Vasily Petrenko.

You can find more information about ‘A Night in the Tropics’ here or by visiting Liverpool Philharmonic’s website for the full programme.