Chimichurri is a name that evokes excitement in every Argentinian. On this blog, we tell you a bit more about this fantastic condiment, and also show you how to make some at home, Fazendeiros.

About Chimichurri

Originating in Argentina, this delicious uncooked sauce is found in both red and green variants. Traditionally consisting of several fresh ingredients such as chopped parsley and oregano, the red variant often includes tomato and red bell pepper.

The origins of chimichurri are actually very uncertain, but the most reasonable explanation suggests the name actually comes from the Basque language. ‘Tximitxurri‘ loosely translates to ‘a mixture of several things in no particular order’, but the word’s origins have never been proven.

Meat and chimichurri are a match made in heaven. It’s traditionally served as a table condiment, and spooned over meat, but it can also be brushed on during the cooking process to infuse the flavours into the cut.

Here at Fazenda, we include a fresh pot of chimichurri on every table for all of our guests to enjoy and it’s also present in some other dishes such as our Papas Criollas from our Bar Food Menu.

It's a match made in heaven with our Papas Criollas

It’s perfect with our Papas Criollas



No secret recipe here, so here are the ingredients and method we use to create our fresh and flavourful chimichurri at Fazenda, so you can try it for yourself at home, Fazendeiros.

It even works brilliantly with our Salmón Criollo

It even works brilliantly with our Salmón Criollo


1 cup of fresh parsley
1/2 clove of garlic
1 tbsp of red coarse pepper
1 tbsp of oregano
1/2 tbsp of black pepper
3 cups of vegetable oil
1/2 cup of white vinegar

Our Executive Chef Fran Martinez pairs it perfectly with his Ibérico Pork Secreto

Our Executive Chef Fran Martinez pairs it perfectly with his Ibérico Pork Secreto


Chop the garlic and parsley very finely using a knife. It’s important not to use a food processor, as this will ruin the consistency.

Next, mix all the solid ingredients together thoroughly. Do the same with the liquid ingredients in a bowl, and then add your mixed solid ingredients.

Finally, add the mixture to a seal-able jar and refrigerate. Leaving the mixture for a few hours will allow the flavours to infuse and create the perfect classic chimichurri that you won’t be able to get enough of, Fazendeiros.


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