Celebrating our roots

As we embark on our reopening journey with a refined dining experience – our roots, traditions and heritage resonate with us more than ever. It’s these cultural celebrations that have continued to shape our adapted concept, keeping them at the heart of everything we do.

With the arrival of a new era for our restaurants and the development of our new menu, we felt it was apt to revisit what makes Fazenda, Fazenda.

Our Heritage

Committed to bringing our guests all the tradition behind the unique rodizio way of serving, we’re driven by our passion for continuing century-old gaúcho traditions from our South American homeland.

‘Gaúchos’, known as ‘cattle farmers’ inspired the increasingly popular rodizio dining with their traditions intrinsic to our concept. Inhabiting the Pampas of Southern Brazil and Argentina, gaúchos would herd their cattle across vast plains on their farms. It’s from these farms, known as ‘fazendas’, that we take our name.

To satiate their hunger, gaúchos would build a fire pit in the ground, piercing large pieces of meat with a wooden stake, carefully placing each around the fire.

Typical asado / churrasco

As the meats were slowly grilling, friends and family would gather around the fire, drinking mate or wine. Once succulent enough, the meats would be delicately carved and enjoyed. This tradition – still today – would last hours and hours, as family and friends enjoyed meats as they became ready, talked, joked, sang songs together and created memories.

Striking image of a gaúcho in action

Bringing this tradition to our restaurants

This is why for us, it’s not only the succulent meats and exquisite wines that make for a memorable experience; it’s those with whom you share it with.

Rodizio dining is more than a concept, it is a way of keeping our South American roots and heritage alive, and being able to share them with you, our guests. Being able to welcome you to our home, share great food, wine and moments together is at the heart of what we do and why we exist.

Picanha - our roots

With the finest grilled meats at the centre of our culinary rituals, the gaúcho way of living brings us a feeling of contentment and fond memories of back home.

We’re extremely happy to be returning, Fazendeiros. If you still haven’t had a chance, do take a look at our new menu and read more about our new dining experience.

We look forward to welcoming you all once again. You can view the different reopening dates for each Fazenda on our homepage (you will see a pop-up appear with them). We will continue to add them there as they become available.