Capoeira is, according to those who know it best, pure art.  It is a mixture of sport, pop culture, music and martial arts.

Its history takes us back to the 16th Century, when African slaves taken to Brazil by the Portuguese developed an activity characterised by complex movements and punches.  It was born as a source of hope for freedom and survival from the colonial agents.

The differentiating feature of capoeira is its musicality.  Those who learn this Brazilian martial art also learn to sing and play the typical musical instruments that accompany capoeira.

Since the 1970s capoeira started becoming more popular, especially as it started being taught in other countries as well.  It has even had some significant media presence, with it being featured in films, such as Ocean’s Twelve. Remember the laser ‘dance’ scene? That’s capoeira! (you can see it here.)

It is without a doubt a symbol of the Brazilian people, their culture and the ethnic mixture that characterises Brazil.

Below you can watch a short (but fantastic!) video showing capoeira in action.

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