Brazilian Feijoada

Feijoada – black bean and meat (pork/beef/sausage) stew – is Brazil’s national dish. It has many variations, not only regionally but across different families, just like any authentic traditional dish. The beauty of it is how rich and comforting it is – and how easy it is to share with friends and family.

The origins of Brazilian feijoada are symptomatic of the blend of cultures that exist there – from its African slaves brought over to work in the plantations, to European immigrants and native cultures – they all made their contribution to this unique dish.

Traditionally served with rice and farofa (manioc flour toasted with bacon, red onions and pork), both of which you can find next to the feijoada in our salad bar, this is one dish we would really recommend that you try. Every bit of it reminds us of Brazil!

And if you’d like to make your own Brazilian feijoada, why not try our head chef’s recipe here.

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