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Ribeye – Bife Ancho


Bife ancho is Argentina’s classic and beloved cut, but it has slowly but surely conquered the hearts of Brazilians and can now be seen in churrascarías all over the country.  At Fazenda it is one of our guests’ favourite cuts and is available on our evening menu. read more

Ribeye 1

Rio Carnival

The world’s biggest party is starting today – February 28th – and will continue with all its joyous dance and vibrant atmosphere until next Tuesday. We are of course talking about O Carnaval do Rioread more

Vila Isabel Float

Reveillon – New Year’s Eve

Brazil is filled with a fantastic party atmosphere during New Year’s Eve for the Festas de Reveillon. One of the most famous destinations is Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro.  Nearly 2 million people – all traditionally dressed in white – gather every 31st of December to welcome the new year – (cover photo by Leandro Neumann)

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by Leandro Neumann

Top 5 Brazilian Beaches

In a previous piece we wrote about the beauty of Brazil’s over 2000 beaches. This time we’ll focus on what we think are the top 5 destinations that are bound to make you want to pack you bags! read more

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Those who know say that even though the Amazon is an incredible place to visit, if you’re interested in seeing the local fauna the best place to visit is definitely Pantanal. Its plain terrain guarantees animal sightings, unlike the Amazon’s rainforest. read more



If you’ve ever been to Fazenda the word picanha might ring a bell. But just in case, here’s a reminder on the top of this post…

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Picanha 13


Capirinha is synonym of Brazil, there’s no doubt about that.

Made with cachaça (ka-SHAAH-suh) it’s Brazi’s national cocktail. Cachaça is the nation’s spirit, a cousin of rum and is made from 100% fresh cane juice (unlike rum, which is made from molasses). read more

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Capoeira is, according to those who know it best, pure art.  It is a mixture of sport, pop culture, music and martial arts.

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Capoeira Eduardo Otubo

Maracujá – Passion Fruit

This small and colourful fruit (Passiflora edulis, Maracujá in Portuguese) is native to Brazil, Paraguay and the north of Argentina. At Fazenda we’re proud to follow our roots and include it in many of our recipes. It’s flavour is tangy, with a hint of sweetness too. read more

Fazenda's Maracuja Mousse

Brazilian beaches

Did you know that Brazil is the country with the biggest tropical coast in the world?

Its warm blue waters, clear sandy beaches and hundreds of islands make it one of the most coveted destinations to visit. read more

Pernambuco, by Ricardo P Alves

Fazenda Rodizio

Fazenda is a Brazilian rodizio (or churrascaría) that uses the traditional gaúcho way of cooking meat – slowly grilled on open flames to preserve the individual taste of each cut of meat. read more

Fazenda Rodizio

Doce de leite

You can choose the name you’d like to give it, Doce de Leite (Brazil), Dulce de Leche (Argentina), Manjar (Ecuador-Chile), Caramel (UK), among many others; but one thing is for certain, there are very few people who will try it and not fall in love immediately with its heavenly flavour.

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