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Fazenda and Northern Ballet


We are delighted to be working with Leeds-based Northern Ballet in connection with their brand new production: Casanova. 

As character sponsors of the man himself, Giacomo Casanova, we are pleased to be supporting their luxurious new production as it heads off on its nationwide tour, which includes two of our home cities – Leeds and Manchester, and a future one, Edinburgh.

Casanova lived every minute in a whirlwind of scandal and excess, but there’s more to the man. Northern Ballet’s original production will expose his sensational story in a spine-tingling spectacle of 18th century decadence.

You might not know that Casanova was a connoisseur of fine food and drink, so we think he’s a perfect match for Fazenda’s sumptuous traditions and heritage.

You can learn more about Casanova by visiting the Northern Ballet’s website and also on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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Fazenda’s Instagram

We’re rolling out some changes on our Instagram account(s) from today, Fazendeiros.

As you might have noticed Fazenda is growing. Our sister brand Picanha was launched late last year, and with a couple more restaurants opening this year – we can’t share much more yet! – we have decided the best way to be able to offer you the best content and also guest support we can we need to change the way in which we post.

We’re not afraid to admit when we make mistakes and we think maybe what seemed like the right decision a few years ago doesn’t really work well now. We’re embracing these changes and trying to roll them out as seamlessly as possible for you, our followers.

We’ll be doing what we did with our Twitter account a couple of years ago and will ‘merge’ all accounts into one. Those inverted commas are very much real because Instagram at the moment doesn’t have a merging service for business accounts so this will be done manually, just like we did on Twitter ::takes deep breath::

Even though our Fazenda Liverpool account is the one with the highest number of followers, our Fazenda Leeds one is the oldest one so that account will become @Fazenda.Group, the ‘new’ centralised account. We will be posting on the Instagram accounts of Fazenda Liverpool & Fazenda Manchester about the change and redirecting our followers so they make the move.

We thought long and hard about this – our Workplace marketing group has been on fire the past couple of weeks! – because we know even though it’s as simple as following the new centralised account, we have to ask our followers to move and some might not hear the news straight away, etc.  For this reason we’ll be posting regularly on the other two accounts reminding followers about the move and won’t deactivate them straight away.

It’s bound to be a process, but we’re certain in the long run this is the best move to be able to share more & better content, and be able to engage better with you all.

We’d like to finish this post thanking you in advance for bearing with us during the move and for your continuous support, Fazendeiros.

Wishing you a great weekend!

Fazenda Marketing Team