Non-Meat Options

Non-Meat Options

At Fazenda we are proud to introduce a new menu for our vegetarian, pescetarian and vegan guests.

Besides the wide selection of items available in our salad bar which may cater for them, we now have a range of hot dishes for them to enjoy as well.

Moqueca stew (Vegan) – Coconut stew served with rice.

Courgette & lemon gnocci (Vegan)

Funghi gnocchi (Vegetarian)

Pumpkin & blue cheese risotto (Vegetarian)

Cod & garlic gnocchi (Pescetarian)

Tuna steak (Pescetarian)


Gnocchi can be substituted for gluten-free penne for those guests with coeliac requirements.

When you dine with us, let your waiter/tress know of your choice. This menu also includes a dessert of choice for our guests.