Rump – Alcatra

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May 14, 2015

Rump – Alcatra

Alcatra is considered a winner in Brazilians’ eyes, due to its versatility and its division into further sub-cuts. 

Alcatra is located in the hind of the cow. The entire piece of Alcatra includes Picanha and Maminha (rump tail). It’s ideal for steaks, roasts, stews and the grill. As this is a lean cut, it shouldn’t be cut in small pieces, otherwise you run the risk of getting an easily overcooked and dry meat.

It can reach a weight of up to 6kg, which is why it’s usually sold in portions varying between 1kg and 2kg.


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At Fazenda our passadores cook it with just rock salt to preserve its natural flavours. We also serve it in its garlic version, a true favourite of our guests.

Which is your favourite version at Fazenda?



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